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Hey guys, just letting you know I'll be opening some commission slots if you want, as always thanks for the support~

Prices can be discussed, if you want something different or specific just tell me.

 02 Commish prop 2017b by Coonstito
Hey people, I hope you had a great christmas season and wish you a happy new year!
I won't be opening slots in quite a while, thanks to everyone who commissioned! :D
I'll try to finish all of them as soon as possible, feel free to ask me about progress in any case.
Hey guys, just so you know, the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo came out already and they fucking leaked all of it, people are just showing everything without warning and I just wanna visit my tumblr, twitter or DA without having the emotion on my most wanted game of the year ruined, so yeah, thankfully DA can show deviations as lists so you can't see them. I'm not mad or anything, just a bit sad nobody takes in mind people that wants to avoid spoilers.
I made one Discord account recently, you can add me with this apparently: Coons26#5557
We can chat and that stuff, I even joined a fan-club too, didn't know it was possible.

Also here's my twit if you aren't following me already:
I-I'm an airhead with the whole social media shit, don't laugh at me, okay?

Eh, in other news we're getting closer to 800 watchers, that's pretty cool, but I guess most of these are dead accounts or lurkers or something, in any case thanks guys, I should do something special if I reach that number.

For those interested, I don't know when to re-open Commissions, it may be next month depending on how much work I get, gotta study and shit so yeah, can't say when.

BTW I can't make pools but I wanted to ask if you want more fanart?
Just wanted to know your opinion, not gonna stop doing original stuff or something like that.
Hey guys I started playing Pokémon again recently to search for some shiny mons,
ORAS has a weird chain thing going on, so I don't know if it's as effective as the safari,
but I was looking for a friend safari with Espurr, Munna or Inkay, maybe one of you has one of these?
Anyway if you just want to add me to battle, trade or something, here's my FC: 379772116305
I have Swadloon in my friend safari, I think? Also a shiny Venomoth for trade if you're interested.
Eh, yeah that's it, have a nice day. lol
Hey guys, it's been some time since I last made a journal entry, how are you doing? :D
You can still find me regularly on some other sites like Tumblr or Twitter, where I post some internet shit
and a barely decent, but enough amount of doodles, unfinished characters and silly drawings too rough for deviantart!

Go take a good look, you can follow me if you'd like. 
I will probably follow back, unless you constantly post spoilers of Kirby: Planet Robobot's final boss,
if that's the case, then there's no way I can follow you, not right now, sorry.


Yeah Commissions are still open, I'm trying to figure out how to get more people to know, right now it's not really going well.
I was considering on lowering the prices for a month, or maybe try new options like a half-body drawing.

Either way I'm very glad some people actually wanted to commission me, and sorry if I'm too awkwark when dealing with this,
but I hope my final drawings didn't dissapoint you, I tried my best and I have confidence they weren't all that bad haha.

Oh right, the offer I had put here just ended.
Maybe I will do another next year.
Looks like I'm doing this, let's get this thing over already...
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
My front page thing says 4 years already, woah.
What does your username mean?
I kind of randomly created it, but later changed it to something shorter, it ended up like Coonstito.
I left the Coons because raccoons are cute, and tito is how my grandpa used to call me when he was alive...
Describe yourself in three words.
Lazy, "Geek", and "Creative"
Are you left or right handed?
Right, but I write like shit...
What was your first deviation?
A crappy drawing of Kirby I think.
What is your favourite type of art to create?
Character Design, everything digital, and comics too.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I would like to make stop motion or modeling.
What was your first favourite?
Looks like this one: New Paper Mario Group 3D
What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I mostly fav stuff with great recognizable styles, some people just draw in the most generic anime style and that's not worth.
Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
gashi-gashi, Lysol Jones and oh8, the three in no order.
If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I don't know, maybe my bud BLARGEN69 
How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Mh, my friends are amazing doods, they motivate me to keep drawing.
What are your preferred tools to create art?
A cheap tablet and my computer, Paint SAI, and any piece of paper where I can doodle.
What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Meh, my room I guess, or any place without people.
What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I'm not sure, once I won a contest here and I was so happy haha.

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You can skip this journal if you want, it's not important at all xD

Ok so, I have been thinking in this for some time ago haha.

I want to clarify that before I go into making commissions I want to train more my skills,
It's just that I don't feel like my actual level is good for actual money or things like that,
trades are fun because you almost always know the people you're trading which,
and both parts seem to put effort and somehow get good memories from their drawings,
but I think it's a lot different getting money for it and I definitely don't want to disappoint people with my rubbish! 

So yeah, I won't be making commissions until next year or simply when I feel like it's time hahaha.
Hey guys It's christmas!
Well, actually it's not, not exactly, but, you know...

I have free time and boredom, so I opened up point commissions!
Two slots, maybe? I dunno, I will accept more I think...
Mh, does anybody even likes my style at all to commission something? Please don't answer that... xDD
-80:points: for a cleaned BW sketch of your OC.
-200:points: for a full body illustration.
*The commish widget is in my page

Also a reminder that in my Tumblr I opened the ask box,
so if you know my characters and want to know more about them then feel free to ask ^^

So, how have you guys been?
Are you having fun these days or just hanging out with family like me?
I haven't done anything worth to say, just laziness and holiday madness... xD

Merry (early) Christmas! And if I don't make another journal, happy new year!

By the way, I hope I haven't missed anyone's birthday around these days, I swear I'll try to finish the gifts I have on hold! D:
You see this empty wallet Nintendo? Are you happy?
Seriously guys, if I don't have a Wii U and the money for the game before it comes out I will be fucking mad with myself...

LOL Are you gonna buy it? I WANT, but I CAN'T afford it ;-; 
The first actual shooter I want to play so hard and I can't have! Did you look at those octopuses? OMFG

Do you think commissions can bring me a bit of money? I'm sure not...

Anyway, I still want to do two proper special fanarts, for the such worthy The Book of Life and now Splatoon :'>

Oh yeah, watch The Book of Life, you're not going to regret anything, it's beautiful! :heart:
Yo guys!
I will trade my shiny Gengar!
I know we got a free one, but there's people who didn't got it,
so if you want we can trade :)

I am looking for one of these shiny:
-Elekid, Electabuzz or Electivire
-Magby, Magmar or Magmortar
-Archen or Archeops
-Cacnea or Cacturne
-Misdreavus or Mismagius
-Munchlax or Snorlax
-Rhyhorn or Rhydon
-Lickitung or Lickilicky
-Marill or Azumarill
-Gulpin or Swalot
-Lotad, Lombre or Ludicolo
-Inkay or Malamar

I also have other shinies apart from Gengar to trade:
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deviantart, the actual shit just happened?

BTW I have Smash guys, if you wanna battle someday just tell me...
It's so close! maybe happening this week if I ACTUALLY upload a something I guess... lol

But yeh, I guessss nobody likes kiribans so if you happen to catch it you get a nice free commission! :0
Oh, Blargen is doing one too, at 69k!
There you go: :iconblargen69:
...and gals ;>
Haha school starts tomorow for me, I won't be able to do anything until I get used to it in, um, well...
Let's say at least a week or two ^^;
But worry no more! I have gift fanart already done, so I'll upload it asap :D
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Yo! haha I've been doing some concept characters these weeks and I kind of have a little comic with them...
Do you guys would want to see some of it? When I finish it, of course :B 
I don't have really that much but I see it could be very liked for the designs and stuff haha! :D

I also was thinking I could re-take on my side series anime parody I did some time ago, of course I would re-design them...
Anyway, I'm talking about these gals:
Concept characters by Coonstito

I don't really know what I should focus on before going back to school... I only have two weeks left! :iconlazycryrollplz:
Any ideas? :v
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Ah, how nostalgic, I joined deviantart like 3 years ago, on June 13 2011 as it says my profile!

I basically just joined for fun, people always said I drawed cute,
but I stopped drawing when I was around 9 years... until I went to secondary school and joined the site haha!
Thanks to that quirky friend that said I should!
Deviantart is one of the best art sites out there, I am happy to be part of it, congrats for your 14 years online! :D

I started doing some kirby artworks in, but the first deviation I made and was proud was this one:
Kirby Return to Dream Land Super Abilities by Coonstito
It was made in Paint Tool SAI, I really love this program and I still use it!
I loved the result, I've always loved Kirby and I was proud of this drawing somehow! hahaha
Someday I will remake it ;>

Squigly and Leviathan by Coonstito
This fanart of Squigly, from Skullgirls is another one I was proud, now with a better knowledge of the program, and with a hand-made sketch, it ended up amazing, you have no idea how much I loved it!

Rujitte - OC Bio by Coonstito
This one is very special too, she's Rujitte the witch, some of you may know her, she was one of my first own characters, and this was the first time she was in Deviantart, thanks to this cutie I could jump out of my confort zone and start drawing more and more characters and evolve my own style!

My Neighbor Beary by Coonstito
Another picture with Rujitte, again, this deviation was special, I never tried a coloring so deep ever, even if this is a parody to My Neighbor Totoro's famous scene, it is very special to me for many reasons... it was the first time I tried hard in a drawing, after this I started studying coloring techniques to get better!

How to witch - Rujitte's guide by Coonstito
Finally this deviation, it isn't THAT special as the others, but is also one with which I feel good, I stated every concept about the character and keep my style constant, also all the past ones were done without a tablet! I used vectors to make them, but this one was made using my first and only tablet!

Thanks for reading, if you even did it... ^^
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I have a new laptop now, It will take a while to get used to it...
I can't properly write in there!
Also this may mean no more great drawings. as I used my old and trusted touch pad to draw, but this new one is horrible!
Seriously, I never wanted a tablet more than now! :iconpapmingplz:
So, that's it, I will try to upload more traditional doodles and lil works now... :c
(At least this new laptop is fast as hell! :0)
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Already traded my Mawile, sorry u-u
But I have a shiny Leavanny, Primeape and Nidorino too :U
Anybody? :v

*I forget to edit this!*
Ok so I already traded one, the shiny mawile I found, now only the japanese shiny is left :0

I got not one, but TWO! shiny Mawile today! ;A;
So... because I already have a shiny Mawile from GTS,
I'll be trading them C:
The first one I'll trade is that one from GTS, has japanese name, the other is the second I found, both are male.
Go and comment, make your offers :>
But hey, I'm not that crazy,
I'll only accept other shinies, or maybe a legendary... 
Is that fine? óvo

Ugh, I just want a shiny Gothorita or a shiny Vanillite :'U

BTW I'm trading my Y mega-stones for a Manaphy!
I have the megastones of:
Mewtwo, Houndoom, Heracross, Abomasnow, Alakazam, Scizor, Gyarados, Absol, Venusaur, Blastoise...
I really want a Manaphy, if you are interested just tell me... c:>
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Bueno, decidí hacer esta cosa, meme o lo que sea :XD:
Pero supongo que será la única vez... Yo casi no hago de estas cosas :v
Pero creo que será divertido xD
Chismografo para :iconlolita-fighter:
Las preguntas sobre los personajes: 
¿Qué es lo que más ama?
El chocolate (aunque le da dolor de pansa :I)
¿Qué es lo que más odia?
Mh, el calor? Eh... creo que eran las cosas picantes, tal vez el chile, o el fuego? 
Bueno... ella es un cactus, ya tiene suficiente de cosas picantes xD
¿Qué es a lo que más le teme?
A los panales... (Es la famosa tripofobia! >:0) ni lo busquen en google, se les va a pegar... ya están advertidos...
Si fuera un animal, ¿qué animal sería?
Tal vez un sapo xD
¿Si solo pudiera comer algo que elegiría?
Conociéndola, seguro que elegiría chocolate, pero no creo que sobreviva mucho tiempo...
¿Cuál crees que es el color de su aura?
Si se encontrara de frente consigo misma (no reflejo) cómo reaccionaría?
Seguro que le da un puñetazo del susto...
¿Cuál es el sueño dorado? (¿qué es lo que más desearía en el mundo?)
Pues está entre volver a ser humana y reparar su bicicleta...
neh, sólo reparar su bicicleta, sin duda.
¿Específicamente cuáles son sus películas preferidas de todos los tiempos?
Buscando a Nemo y El Santo Vs. Las momias de Guanajuato.
¿Qué música le gusta más a Nopal?
El Rock
¿A quién admira más que a nadie?
¡A nadie más que al inigualable luchador; El Santo!
¿Qué tan: valiente, activa, honesta, sincera, sociable, crédula y autoestimada es?
Un poco de todo... menos honesta, a esa no le creas ni el saludo(?)
¿Cuál es su peor defecto(s)?
Es bien metiche, además de mentirosa, igual que floja...
¿cuál es su mayor virtud(es)?
¿Amigable? Sí, eso...
(No es mala persona, sólo es una niña malcriada...xD)
¿Cuál sería su frase por excelencia, en pocas palabras?
''No'mbre, como cuando el Santo le aplicó la/el... *inserte un ataque cualquier al azar aquí* ...a... *ahora inserte cualquier personaje al azar aquí*''
¿tiene alguna pose de batalla (tipo sailor scout jajajaja)?
Que se aguante a como salga en la foto! >:U
¿Enemigo jurado?
¡Todos y cada uno de los insectos polinizadores! >:I 
(Para que te des una idea, ella tenía un hermoso peinado de racimo de flores de nopal y tunas en su cabeza... tenía)
¿Amor eterno?
La televisión :heart:
Neh, no creo que tenga dientes...
Truco, ataque o arma favorito
Oh, eso es fácil, le gusta lanzar su sombrero como bumerán para golpear, lo malo es que no regresa... 
¿Si no estuviera en Lolita Fighter que estaría haciendo?
Comprando la tortilla para la comida,
o tal vez viento televisión...

Ahora, para ustedes:

¿Hombre o mujer?
MachoHombre :>
¿Quién crees que sea mayoría?¿Eso importa, influye en las batallas?
No entiendo la pregunta :I
Se refiere a mayoría de hombres o mujeres?
Si es así, pues yo digo que hombres, o no sé, estamos equilibrados?
Eso influye en la pelea? ...pregúntale al fan-servise xD
¿Por que entraron a Lolita Fighter?
Pura diversión :>
¿Cuál fue tu criterio para crear o elegir el personaje que inscribiste al torneo?
Quería un personaje que no fuera gran cosa, pero que se viera ridículo y lindo a la vez, creo que Nopal es eso mero.
¿En que te pareces a tu personaje? ¿Con qué te identificas de él?
Ambos somos despistados, está difícil saber quien más de los dos...
¿A quienes ya conocías de los aquí participantes, alguno en persona?
Eh, he visto el trabajo de muchos aquí, ¡y conocí muchos más con diferentes y geniales estilos! Creo que fue buena idea entrar :>
Comentario extra que se te ocurra:
Traten de no lastimar mucho a mi pobre Nopal en su pelea(?)
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